Sunday, February 24, 2013

Johnny Chow - Resorts World

Johnny Chow is a modern-hip looking asian fusion restaurant located in Resorts World just across NAIA 3. We dined here on a whim just before watching a movie.

The decor was a mix of traditional japanese and chinese art with pictures of people on the front and back of chairs. The ladies wore traditional clothing with colorful wigs. In terms of service, they were efficient and very service oriented. 

As for the food, we ordered fried rice, lemon chicken, prawn salad and birthday noodles. I loved the prawn salad but the lemon chicken tasted plain. Maybe it was just me coz my mom liked it naman. Our order went up to more or less P1,200.  

sorry, nakain na namin ng maalala ko picture-an

Verdict: Food was good , service and ambiance was great. Their servings are a bit small though so those who eat a lot may find it lacking in that department.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yakimix Smokeless Grill 03/04/2012

Who doesn't love all-you-can-eat buffets? meron ba? Nothing beats being able to eat whatever and how much you want for a fixed price. Which is why, after going to Logos Hope, we decided to eat dinner at Yakimix Macapagal. We arrived at the place at around 6:00PM and may mga nakapila na at that time. Thankfully we were able to line up and got our names listed early kaya di kami matagal naghintay.

while waiting

After around 15 mins, our names were called and we were seated. Tables were cleaned, drinks were ordered, etc and we were ready to head over to the buffet.

bakit para kang nalugi dito hehe


food was good, ambiance was average. would i eat here again? possibly, but not in the near future. parang once a year nga lang kami kumain dito eh. Its not that the food is not good, but for the price you'll pay, you can get better food in other restos. Maybe not as much variety as yakimix but you'll be sure that what they're serving is their specialty. With Yakimix kasi, its quantity over quality. Still, if you want to dine here, no ones stopping you naman. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't pero at least you get to choose. =)

Boracay - Departure

With only 3 days 2 nights, our boracay trip ended fast. Because our flight back to manila is at kalibo, we needed to check out early for the 1 1/2 hour trip to kalibo.

at the lobby waiting for our baggages
 we hailed a trike to boracay port. From there, ride another banca to the caticlan port. At the terminal, van to kalibo are already available. Di ka maliligaw kasi sila mismo ang magtatanong sa yo kung pa-kalibo ka. Travel time is 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on traffic. Upon arrival at the airport, we immediately checked in our baggage pero di muna kami pumasok sa loob. Check in lang muna since balak namin kumain muna sa resto sa tapat since matagal pa ang flight namin.

plane ride is ok naman. pagod lang talaga sa biyahe coz of the transpo from caticlan to kalibo. If you can, better get flight straight to & from caticlan, bawas pagod and more time to enjoy boracay.

Hawaiian BBQ & Hallowich - Boracay

We had 2nd day lunch at Hawaiian BBQ. We didn't plan on dining here but since only a few restos were open at the time, dun na kami kumain.

hmm.. wondering if you're looking at the ribs or at the ladies hehe

onion rings

baby back ribs

pork tonkatsu with almonds

sarap na sarap si mama ah
 Dessert naman...

At night, we went around DMALL again to check out the scene. Lots of people roaming around for the night life.

Boracay 11/7/2011

Since we were only staying for 3 days, kailangan sulitin ang bakasyon. We woke at around 8AM on our 2nd day, had breakfast and swam to our hearts content.

pathway to our room

stairs to the hillside rooms

the beachfront rooms

activity area



after resting, swimming ulit til' nighttime...

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