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We woke up the next day (June 12) for an early breakfast. Breakfast was included in our room rate in Four Seasons Resort. There are choices of American Breakfast(Toast, Egg, Fruits, etc) or Filipino Breakfast (Bacon-silog, Tapsilog, Hotsilog, etc.). I chose Hotsilog as I'm a rice eater. I'd need the energy for the days' activity.
breakfast (Hotsilog)
We took a trike to the town proper, (P100 / chartered trike) and looked for the booth of Northern Hope Tours. We paid for the tour and sinamahan kami ni ate sa beachfront. By the way, there is a P200 fee for every tourist that will go on the Island Hopping tours. 10 days ang effectivity nito and you'd need to bring this every time you go Island Hopping in case i-check siya. There we rode the boat "El Nido Cruiser. There were only 9 of us sa boat (5 sa group namin and another 4 sa kabilang group). The boat is big enough and mukha naman maayos. The guide and the boatmen are ok, knowledgeable about the islands and maingat. The weather was unpredictable though, may times na maulan and malakas ang waves, may times naman na kalma lang ang dagat.

These are the islands that we visited.
  • Pinagbuyutan Island
  • Cathedral Cave
  • Cudognon Cave (this is where we took our lunch)
  • Snake Island
  • Bukal Island
  • Nat Nat Beach
  • Cadlao Lagoon
I think there are others pa pero di ko na maalala ang names.

cathedral cave

Nido Cruiser, our boat for the day =)

Pinagbuyutan Island

Lunch time (may tuna pero di ko napicture-an, water is included) ^__^

cudognon cave

cudognon cave

snake island (see the sandbar?)

snake island

The tour lasted until 4PM. More on caves/coves and island beaches ang tour b and d. If you want to snorkle, better get tour a and c na lang. 

We went back to the resort to shower and change clothes before going back to the town proper for dinner. Since puro grilled food ang usual food sa El Nido, we opted for something different naman. Luckily, meron pizza and pasta place sa El Nido named "ALTROVE". You'd need to leave your slippers at the steps since barefoot dapat sa resto proper. 

They serve delicious brick oven pizza and different toppings are available. Thin-crusts ang pizzas nila so kayang kaya kahit 1 pizza each ang order niyo. In fact, sa mga foreigners na nakita namin dun, tig - isa talaga sila. Pero since nagtitipid kami, sharing ang gawa namin. Their pastas are good too, especially the white sauce and peso sauce. Our bill came up to around P1,500. Not bad na rin considering we ordered a lot (2 pizza, 3 pasta, 5 drinks). After dinner, we walked around town. Maaga pala magclose mga tindahan sa townproper. The only ones still open at the time (9PM) were the bars at the beachfront. So different from boracay na habang pagabi eh lalong nabubuhay ang isla. 

Since we didn't have anything to do, we went back to the hotel and called it a day. Tour A+C naman the next day.

Northern Hope Tours
c/o Ate Neriza

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