Saturday, February 8, 2014


100 Islands & Yellow Sand Beach of Bolinao

With only a week to go before Jan. 31 (long weekend), our supposed to be “Borawan Island Hopping” trip in Quezon was cancelled due to backing out of some people in our group. With only 4 of us wanting to pursue the vacation, we decided to just go to another place instead. 

And that was how we landed in the province of Pangasinan.

Fronting the South China Sea (or the West Philippine Sea as the Gov’t now likes to call it), it’s a 5-7 hour trip from Manila depending on which town of Pangasinan is your destination. Alaminos (100 Islands) is 4 to 5 hrs by bus while Bolinao is 6-7 hrs long if taking the trip at night/dawn. On our estimation, we’ll require a budget of 4K – 5K max as long as we stay on budget resorts and won’t buy much souvenirs.

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