Saturday, February 23, 2013

Boracay 11/06/2011

Boracay has always been a top destination choice for my friends and relatives. Due to this, I've always wondered what it is with the place that they tend to go back over and over again. Luckily, we were able to score a cheap airfare for a trip to Boracay last Nov 2011.

We stayed at the Pearl of the Pacific Hotel at Station 1 for 3 days 2 nights. We got the deal for around 6,000 pesos for 3 of us in a room. With it being in station 1 and inclusive of buffet breakfast and free use of facilities, i think we got a good deal.

trike to caticlan wharf

paid all the fees

we arrived early at our hotel (around 9-10AM) and since our rooms are not yet available, we left our luggages at the reception and walk around the vicinity.

behind the tree is the buffet breakfast area

signage of peal of the pacific
 I personally think the hotels' beach front is the widest in boracay. Very spacious and lots of guests stay here even those from other hotels.
spacious beachfront of the hotel

the famous willys rock

a private rest house

walking to station 2

Once we reached station 2, we went straight to DMALL for an early lunch. We immediately saw Andoks and since their sulit meals fits our budget, we dined here. You can have a plain meal here for around 50 pesos (1pc chicken w/ rice). We ordered sinigang na baboy, and 3 orders of their dokitos w/ rice. Add a 1.5 coke and busog ka na. No wonder Andoks is always full of customers, sa sobrang mura niya, even foreigners eat here.


ever famous stairs of boracay regency

Sands hotel (i think this is already in station 3)

After going to station 3 and back, we were finally able to check in to our room. Our room is at the Deluxe Hill side (a bit of a climb, but room is nice enough). Room is spacious with everything in working order. Bed  is very soft & relaxing. Actually, we slept for a few hours after checking in. Woke up at around 5PM just in time for an afternoon swim at the beach. Sakto lang coz hindi na masyado maaraw by this time. As much as I want to enjoy the beach, ayoko rin naman masyado umitim. =)

maya maya lang tulog na kami

change into our swimming attire after waking up

we swam until night time. went to our room to freshen up at around 6:30PM
 For our dinner, we decided to just order take away (Yellow Cab Pizza) since my mom doesn't want to go to Station 2 anymore as its a long walk. As me and bro walked towards station 2, we chanced upon this. Nice eh? Apparently, kids made this and when they saw me take a picture, they asked for P20 because I took a picture of. We didn't pay though since we didn't even know if it was really them who made it.

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