Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dos Palmas Snorkling & Buffet Lunch

After our Kayaking trip, we head to the dock to go to the Snorkling site of Dos Palmas. Along with other guests, we waited for the speed boat that would take us.

at the snorkling site...
ready with our breads

some type of starfish. galing, it was my time to see something like this...

swordfish ba ito?
our guide caught a jelly fish., apparently, staffs of Dos Palmas does everything to keep jellyfishes out of Dos Palmas territory for safety of their guests

After the snorkling activity, we needed to freshen up coz its now time for the buffet lunch. Right on time because we are all hungry after all that activity ^__^ 

2nd helping. kaya tumataba eh..

singer ma? haha

After lunch, we went around Dos Palmas to see their facilities. We were able to use their videoke machines until 30 minutes before we left for the docks. The remaining time we spent chatting up about our day and resting at the cottage.

coffee was free. you can get it at the buffet area

we had a great time at Dos Palmas. we enjoyed the trip and hope to be back again soon ^__^ 

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