Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mercedes Bed & Breakfast, Puerto Princesa

Months before our Puerto Princesa trip, I was already surfing the net for an affordable yet clean, spacious and accessible inn/hotel to stay at. After much haggling and searching, we found Mercedes Bed and Breakfast.

At the time, not much info was known about the hotel. It was fairly new at the time, and reviews online were very few. Most were positive reviews but since we're talking about a new hotel, it could just be a hit or miss. Upon looking at the website, i decided to bite the bullet and make a reservation. Inquiries were answered fast and our room was confirmed in our name. Now theres nothing to do but to wait and see if we made the right choice.

Come october and it was our arrival in Puerto Princesa. Our flight was a bit delayed so I was worried if the airport transfer van (airport - hotel) which is included in our room waited for us. Upon exiting the airport, my worries were taken away because immediately I saw a signboard with my name on it. A lady was holding it and smiling at me (she might have noticed me looking at my name). As soon as we reached her, she asked "Kayo po ba si Mam ***?" i said yes and she immediately led us to the van. From the airport, the van just took a few turns and crossed the road and we were immediately at our hotel. It turns out our Hotel was just across the airport. We were immediately given our room keys and the staffs carried our bags to the rooms. 

Our room comes with free breakfast and airport transfer. I'm not sure if its still the same now but you can just inquire with them just in case.

Here are some pics of Mercedes Bed and Breakfast. You can check out Tripadvisor too, some guests posted more pics there =)

our room

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