Sunday, February 17, 2013

PUERTO PRINCESA (Underground River + Firefly Watching)

October 2 -5, 2011

1st day - Underground River Tour & Firefly Watching

Upon arrival at the airport, we immediately checked in at our hotel/inn which is just across the street. The hotel staff of Mercedes Bed and Breakfast (more about this at a separate post) was already waiting for us as our flight arrived 15mins late. After signing some papers and leaving our baggages inside our room, we immediately left for Underground River Tour. 

Our Tour Guide was Jun Landicho whom we knew about through PEX - pinoyexchange (09216189954) although he was not around at the time. As per the driver (whose name I can't remember), he was on his way back to PP from El Nido (he has a Guest there), he may be able to meet us at the hotel in the afternoon. I didn't mind it much since Jun will be with us on our 2nd day for our Island Hopping trip. 

As we were waiting for the boat to be available, we first went to have our buffet lunch at one of the restos in sabang beach. Some of the tourists prefer to lodge here especially if its just a stop over to El Nido.

at sabang wharf

pathway to underground river

biglang umalon haha

After the underground river, we went back to our inn (another 2hour drive) to rest a bit. Then at around 7pm, Jun fetch us again for the iwahig firefly watching. The firefly watching was interesting especially if you grew up in the city and not used to the works of nature.

at firefly watching in iwahig

Hungry as we are, after the tour we immediately went out for our dinner at Bilao't Palayok. I've heard/read how good their boodle feast meal is on the net and thats what we ordered. We were not dissapointed. The food was really good, there was fish, crabs, shrimp, lots of rice (good enough for 6pax) and vegetables. Ordered drinks for each of us and walah, ayos ang buto buto hehe

totally love this. imposibleng di mo mapansin pag nadaanan mo ito sa kalye hehe

We called it a night after that, went home to our inn and rested for our island hopping the next day.

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