Saturday, March 30, 2013

HK 3/11/13 - Ngong Ping & The Peak

W woke up at 7AM, had coffee (we brought nescafe 3-in1 from phils hehe, just borrowed cups at the hallway, hot water is free). showered, and prepared for the days' itinerary.
- at 8:30am, rode the mtr to tung chung for Ngong Ping. after reaching tungchung, saw a bakery at the corner mtr exit and bought some breads for breakfast. it was good, a bit like breadtalk. cable car is not yet open,so we lined up at the side street along with other tourists. after around 15mins, NP staff arrived. we bought our RT tickets for 130hkd/adult. no discounts for senior citizens. we didn't get the package since we're not interested with "walking w/ buddha and monkey tale" cable car ride was  a nice experience. the view was definitely worth what we paid for, you'll see the hike trail if you would want to walk to NP village. you'll also see HKIA and how was wide and big it is. 
the bread shop

view from the cable car
when we arrived at NP village, only a few tourists were there. we had time to take lots of pictures around the place and there are lots of restos nearby in case you get hungry. went to the monastery and climbed the steps to the big buddha. its a nice experience when you reach the top. quite windy and a nice spot to take pics of. also bought some souvenirs here for display at home. ate some street foods at the stalls near NP village. a bit expensive since half of corn cob is 35hkd(!?!) haha we went back to tung chung around 1:00PM.

we went around city gate to shop. bought some good buys at esprit and giordano outlet. we bought more than 1,500 hkd worth of clothes combined for these shops, natuwa masyado sa bargains haha. we even received a free bag from giordano coz we bought more than 1T from their store. sa kaeenjoy namin mamili, 3:30PM na nang naalala namin mag lunch hehe just ate at food republic sa city gate. lots of choices and all our orders were tasty. we ordered xiao long bao, chami, porkchops w/ rice and diced vegetables, etc. rested a bit then at around 4:30PM rode the mtr to central for the peak. 

the peak tram
on the way to the peak
took exit J2, there are already signages going to the peak tram, we walked around 2 blocks. upon reaching the peak terminues, there is already a crowd buying tickets for the peak tram. we also lined up and bought 3 tickets RT including sky terrace, 2 adults (75hkd) & 1 senior citizen (30+hkd - can't remember the exact fare). we waited 20 mins we were accomodated at the tram, travel itself was fast , only around 15mins you'll reach the peak. madam tussauds is also located here. after browsing around, we went to the sky terrace. the view is breathtaking especially at night. eh ang lamig pa so nag enjoy talaga kami dito. stay rin siguro kami dito ng 30mins then we went down to the galleria. bought coffee at mccafe before riding the peak tram back to central. we even bought a fleece jacket for my mom at baleno - around 70hkd. it took us 15mins bago nakasakay, marami na kasi tourist yun pauwi kaya nagkasabay-sabay. 

back to hostel, took the mtr back to jordan. my bro bought rice toppings for our dinner at a nearby resto, after, sleep na coz disneyland naman the next day. =)
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