Saturday, March 2, 2013

Puerto Galera 2012

"ang biglaan lakad natutuloy, ang lakad na pinaplano yun ang nacacancel"

Me and 2 of my friends were talking about this on our way to Puerto Galera. We only had a few hours to prepare for this trip. We've had plans before of going but it always gets cancelled. This time, kahit walang budget, walang plano and 3 lang kami, tinuloy na rin namin. We were practically hoarding infos about hotels & inns in PG a few hours before our bus trip to batangas. Lahat ng tinext kong hotel, fully booked(this was a week after Holy week 2012). Finally, I found the website of Felinas Gusthouse, a non-beachfront inn pero clean enough(based on pics). Texted the hotel at midnight and hoped that they'll reply.

After just 4 hours of sleep, I woke up at 4:30AM, showered and prepared my things as I needed to go to Buendia for the bus ride to Batangas. Met up with my friends and got the bus ticket. Can't remember the price pero around P200 yata yun. No wifi on the bus so we were contented to just catch a bit of sleep during the ride. 

We arrived at the Batangas pier at 8AM. We were surprised kasi ang dami pa rin tao papunta ng PG. 1 of us lined up while the other 2 bought the tickets needed (environmental, fastcraft, etc). We got the Montenegro lines boat as I've read that their boats are better & bigger than the others (P500 - RT).

The boat trip was 1 hour and we arrived at PG at around 9AM. During the boat ride, I was already in contact with a staff of Felinas Guesthouse and that we can meet up at the alley after Dreamwave resort. We met up with him & he lead us to Felinas. The inn was around 5mins walk to the beach, room was clean & big enough for 3 people. Paid for the room (P1500 - peak season price) and settled in.


fruitshake on a hot day

Our first day was spent beach bumming, eating and partying. It was my first time to have a taste of Mindoro Sling. It tasted like juice na may konting alcohol but I noticed its effect when we went home that night. Feeling mo umiikot ang mundo ha! ha! Ubusin ba naman namin yun 1 pitcher eh 3 lang kami. Went home at a little past 12PM, still lots of people at the beach. Sa gabi(or madaling araw) ang buhay sa PG.

tipsy na?
Next day, we had breakfast first sa malapit na eatery. Had fried fish, longganisa, rice and coffee. Nothing beats having breakfast with a view of the beach. Sarap! After that, we went around PG na. Visited shops, bought souvenirs, took pictures. We then decided to walk sa pinakadulo, near where the boats dock. As we were nearing the end, we decided to stop for a while and just enjoy the view. This part is very very quiet compared to the main beach, some of those who doesn't want to stay in hotels/inns stay here with their camping gears.

After magsawa sa view, time to dive inn and enjoy the beach again.

Had a swim and stayed at the beach until 10AM. Needed to be back at the hotel since we had to shower, pack up and catch our boat back to batangas at 12. It was a short vacation but it was enough. I don't think you need to stay here long since theres really not much to do here aside from activities. At most is 3 days 2 nights, any longer than that and you'd be bored.

at the batangas pier
**On the way back to batangas, always take the early boatrides until 1PM. Masyado na maalon after that. There have been instances wherein boats capsized because of the waves so to make sure just take the early rides.**

had merienda at mcdo buendia before going home
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