Sunday, March 31, 2013

ILOCOS - arrival in LAOAG, Balay Da Blas

Our Ilocos trip took me 3 months to plan including accomodations, tour guides and transpo from & to our hotels. We got our airfare for around P2,200/pax c/o of cebu pacific. ETD in NAIA 3 was 12:25PM, the flight was 1 hour long so expected time to reach laoag airport was at around 1:25PM.

From Manila, we reached NAIA 3 at 11AM and immediately went to the check in counter. Got our boarding pass and immediately went to the gate.

lining up at the check in counter
 As expected, sobrang dami ng ng tao waiting for their flight, umiiwas sa dami ng magta-travel sa holy week.  Some cebu pac flights were delayed due to air traffic. at the time, passengers of an earlier flight that was bound for coron are still at the boarding gate. They said they departure was already 30 mins delayed.

dahil wala na maupuan, photo op na lang kami hehe
wala na chairs..
 At last at 12:40PM, boarding for laoag was announced. Pila na and boarded the cebu pac bus for the plane.

Reached Laoag Airport at around 1:40PM.  Maliit lang ang airport and hindi airconditioned.

got a leaflet sa information desk
 Immediately proceeded to the tourist information desk to sign up for the free shuttle bus (IMEE bus) to the city. Drop off straight to the hotel so you save a bit on the transfers. The bus is clean and comfortable.

registration for the shuttle bus

We were dropped off at Balay Da Blas at Giron St., this will be our home for the next 2 days. More on this on a separate post (Hotel Review).

room 14 at the roof top (w/ veranda) - triple room for P1,750/night w/ breakfast
Since we had a really early brunch in manila, most of us were starving. Since we've heard a lot about SARAMSAM resto (sister resto of Balay Da Blas), we decided to have a late lunch here. Went downstairs and the reception staff helped us flag down a tricycle for our transpo. Fare was P11 per person, max of 3 pax per trike. It took us 10 minutes to reach Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant.

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