Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dragon Chef Trinoma 03/03/2013

We were in Trinoma and was looking around for a place to have dinner in. Saw dragon chef and decided to choose this resto. We were greeted by the hostess and led to a table inside.

By the looks of its interior, Dragon Chef promises to offer healthy and hip Chinese cuisine. The ceiling had Pop-Art pictures of famous chinese personalities. The walls were also decorated of asian elements and figurines. The chairs are colorful and there are also couches if you want utter comfort while dining.

It is quite small though so its best to dine here if you're only a part of 4-6 pax as it gets crowded during lunch/dinner time.

waiting for our food
also ordered xiao long bao pero di tumagal eh. ubos kaagad hehe

prawn salad with almonds
 there were only 3 pcs of prawn here so kung marami kayo, better opt for other dishes. It is quite good though so ok na ok para sa akin.

Pork Asado with Lechon Macau
 nagsisi ako bakit ko inorder ito. sobrang konti for the price. i think this was around 300-400.
Yang chow Fried Rice with Pork BBQ
 you can never go wrong with yangchow.

Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce
 would gladly order this again. sakto yun timpla and tastes just like the ones served in big chinese restaurants.

 parang buchi lang ito pero the fillings are all different. meron parang mongo, meron orange-y taste, etc.

satisfied with the service and the food. although next time would order another dish instead of the asado/lechon macau dish. ang konti kasi ng serving.

Next time we drop by trinoma, this would be one of our choice restos. good food for an affordable price. ^__^
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