Saturday, March 16, 2013

Royal View Seafood Restaurant 02/03/2013

We dined at Royal View Seafood Resto last 02/03/2013 using a voucher bought on a deal site. For P499, enjoy a set meal of suahe, cold cuts, rice, spinach soup and taro puff and for P99 voucher, enjoy their roasted chicken that can be served along with the set meal. Very cheap and since we haven't dined here, we decided to give it a try.

garlic rice

 the shrimp was very fresh and i literally finished it all off. just for the shrimp itself, i think i got my money back.

cold cuts
 few choices. would'be wanted to see asado or a few pork here but for just P500 ano pa ba hihilingin mo di ba?

spinach soup
 very nicely done. tasty.
 crispy skin and inubos ito ng brother ko. halatang nagustuhan hehe

taro puff
 didn't like this much. i dunno, parang di bumagay yun taro sa crabstick eh.

four seasons shake
sarap ng fruit shake nila. i think it cost around P100+.

we enjoyed our dinner at Royal View. For a bit under P600, we enjoyed a set meal that would've cost us at least a P1000 on regular price. I hope they offer this again in the future, i'd buy another voucher in a heartbeat. ^^
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